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Does it cost anything to make a request?
Does it cost anything to make a request?

Information on making requests on Sourcewhere.

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All requests are subject to a sourcing fee. Each professional sourcing expert adds their own sourcing fee when they find their item - this ranges from a fixed rate fee, to a percentage of the item price which is usually between 10-20%. With that in mind, we kindly ask that only serious request inquiries are placed on the app.

Kindly note that all items requested will be sourced at the retail price, with the sellers sourcing fee added in the final price. Pieces are often sourced from outside of the country that the seller is located in and therefore additional costs may be included.

To keep our constantly sourcing network in the know, we ask for your response to any pending matches as soon as possible. Our system will remove any pending matches that are not responded to within 7 days.

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